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European Handicap Betting and How to Read Asian Handicap Betting Accurately


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European Handicap betting is a quite popular type of betting and is favored by many. Therefore, how to predict and accurately read European Handicap odds is receiving a lot of attention. So, what is European Handicap betting? What is the most accurate and effective way to read these odds? This article from Wintips will help you find answers to these questions. Let's explore!
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What is European Handicap Betting?
European Handicap betting, also known as 1×2 betting, is a type of bet that you can easily find on bookmakers' odds boards. European Handicap betting is considered relatively easy to play, understand, place bets on, and win. You don't need to think too much about the handicap odds, like Asian Handicap, or the number of goals, as in over/under betting. Instead, you just need to choose among three options.
Reading European Handicap betting is also a matter of interest to many.
With European Handicap betting, the bookmakers will offer you three odds, corresponding to the home team winning, a draw, and the away team winning. You just need to choose one of these three odds to place your bet. Reading European Handicap odds is straightforward. Instead, you only need to focus on the match result after the official 90 minutes of play.
European Handicap betting is also divided into first-half European Handicap and full-match European Handicap.
The Most Accurate and Detailed Way to Read European Handicap Odds
As mentioned earlier, European Handicap betting consists of three levels of betting odds, corresponding to the home team winning, a draw, and the away team winning. However, to better understand how to read European Handicap odds, we only need to understand the symbols and how this type of bet is displayed on the odds board.
Reading European Handicap Odds on the Betting Odds Board
On the betting odds board provided by bookmakers, European Handicap betting will be displayed in the form of a 1×2 column. In this column, the home team will be listed above, and the away team will be listed below. In the third row, you will see the word 'Draw' ('Hòa' in Vietnamese). This signifies a draw between the two teams.
When you read European Handicap odds, you will see three vertical rows, corresponding to the three betting odds. These correspond to the following results: home team win, draw, and away team win. In this context, 1×2 will correspond to:
1: Home team
X: Symbol for both teams after finishing the match with a draw
2: Symbol for the away team
The choice of which bet you place corresponds to the amount of money you will receive when you win. With the three possibilities, players have a chance of winning up to 33.33%. This is a relatively high probability for newcomers in betting. However, to make this betting effective, you need to understand how to read European Handicap odds for each tournament and match.
Concrete Examples of Reading European Handicap Odds
To help you understand more about reading European Handicap odds, let's explore a specific example.
The odds for European Handicap betting will correspond to the results of Arsenal winning, losing, and drawing. Specifically:
If Arsenal wins, the player will receive 1.25 times the initial bet amount.
If Arsenal draws with Fulham, the player will receive 6.2 times the initial bet amount.
If Arsenal loses, the player will receive 10.25 times the initial bet amount.
In this match, Arsenal is considered a much stronger team than the opponent. Therefore, we can clearly see the difference in odds for the home team winning and losing.
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Effective and Accurate Techniques for Reading Asian Handicap Odds
Knowing how to read Asian Handicap odds alone is not enough; you also need to explore some experiences, some small tips when analyzing this type of odds. So, when examining Asian Handicap odds, what should you pay attention to?
Avoiding the "traps" set by bookmakers
In many matches, you can easily notice the odds difference between the home team winning and losing. This becomes a trap that bookmakers set for players. When you see high odds offering significant returns, many people tend to bet with hopes of winning big.
However, winning in matches with such odds differences is not easy. Even a draw can be challenging to foresee. You need to consider carefully before placing bets on such matches.
Choosing the right betting periods
When learning how to read Asian Handicap odds, you cannot overlook the betting periods. Placing bets at the right time helps you make the most accurate choices. Typically, betting 3 to 5 days before the match is considered an appropriate timeframe for analyzing odds and placing bets. During this time, odds are usually more accurate and stable.
Gathering more information and understanding the match situation
When analyzing Asian Handicap odds, it's essential to gather information about both teams. Only when you understand both teams well can you make accurate choices, especially in matches with less varied odds.
Matches in direct elimination rounds or matches crucial to winning the championship differ from friendly matches or routine games. However, observe carefully before placing bets. Don't let failures lead to inaccurate predictions.
Consider expert opinions
Apart from applying your knowledge and experience to analyze Asian Handicap odds, don't overlook seeking expert opinions and analyses. With years of experience in analyzing odds, expert teams provide high-precision analysis and opinions. This is a reliable source of information for your understanding and reference.
Moreover, when playing in Asian Handicap betting, you can also participate in first-half bets. Many teams often have the habit of exploring each other in the first 45 minutes. Consequently, the first half often ends in a draw. You can choose to analyze first-half odds to test your abilities and increase early winning opportunities.
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Hopefully, through this article, you'll have a clearer understanding of how to read Asian Handicap odds. Asian Handicap betting isn't difficult. With a little research and analysis, you can make accurate choices. Wishing you success and enjoyable moments in analyzing odds and betting with accuracy and relaxation.
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