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Guide To Play Half Time - Full Time Betting in Football


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Half Time - Full Time betting is a popular type of wager in football betting, and it is commonly found in almost every match. It's a significant market, particularly in Handicap betting, which attracts a large number of players looking to bet on football online.
How does this type of bet work, and what strategies can help you win against bookmakers? Let's explore it in this article.
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Things to Know about Half Time - Full Time Betting:
This type of bet is also known as Half Time/Full Time or HT/FT. It is considered one of the most challenging bets to predict, but the potential rewards for winning are substantial. In HT/FT betting, you place a wager on a specific outcome related to either the result of the first half or the overall result of the match. The bet is settled based on the 90 minutes of regular playtime and stoppage time, excluding extra time and penalty shootouts. To be successful in this type of bet, combining it with advanced prediction skills can be highly effective.
Key Symbols in Half Time - Full Time Betting (HT/FT):
Here are some key symbols and their meanings that bettors need to understand when reading the odds provided by bookmakers:
Half Time (HT): Corresponds to the first half of the match.
Full Time (FT): Represents the entire match.
H: Indicates the home team.
😧 Stands for a draw or a tie.
A: Symbolizes the away team.
HH = Home – Home: Betting on the home team to win either the first half or the entire match.
HA = Home – Away: Betting on the home team to win the first half and the away team to win the entire match.
AA: Betting on the away team to win both the first half and the entire match.
DD = Draw – Draw: Betting on a draw for both the first half and the entire match.
HD = Home – Draw: Betting on the home team to win the first half and the match to end in a draw.
AH: Betting on the away team to win the first half, while the home team wins the match.
DA = Draw – Away: Betting on a draw for the first half, with the away team winning the match at full time.
Why Choose Half Time - Full Time Betting (HT/FT)?
The odds of winning this type of bet are 1/9, which may seem challenging. However, if you win, the potential payout is typically very high. Conversely, it's essential to carefully consider your choices as high odds also come with high risks.
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Tips for Playing Half Time - Full Time (HT/FT) Bets Effectively
Some experienced bettors share a valuable strategy for playing Half Time - Full Time (HT/FT) bets: timing is crucial. So, when is the right time to make these bets? Here are some situations when you should consider placing HT/FT bets:
Choosing the Right Moment:
When one team with a weak defense concedes a goal early in the match but later stages see a reversal of fortunes, with the weaker defense performing well. In such cases, it's advisable to bet on HT/FT for the weaker team in the first half and the stronger team to win the entire match. This means the weaker team may lead in the first half, but the stronger team will win the game overall.
In the case of your favorite team, if you believe they are the stronger side but face setbacks like receiving red cards due to unstable morale after leading in the first half, you can consider betting on HT/FT for a strong win/draw or a strong win/weak win.
Advantages of HT/FT Betting:
HT/FT bets are often considered the best option for parlay bets. If your HT/FT bet loses but ends in a corresponding draw (0-0), you will get your stake refunded.
In games with a final score of 0-0, you can still win by betting on HT/FT with a Draw/Draw outcome. This means that if your HT/FT bet is unsuccessful during the early stages of the match, and it ultimately ends in a draw, the bookmaker will refund your previous bet.
HT/FT bets consist of 9 possible combinations, making them relatively complex. Consequently, bookmakers often charge high fees for this type of bet.
The odds for HT/FT combinations will approximate the product of the odds for HT and FT at the end of the first half.
When one team is significantly stronger than the other, you can consider betting on HT/FT, as the odds for this scenario tend to be higher.
HT/FT bets for Home/Away and Away/Home often have attractive odds, especially in matches with comebacks.
Don't forget to take advantage of the refund option in case of a 0-0 draw when playing HT/FT bets.
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In Conclusion:
Half Time - Full Time bets are appealing due to their potentially high payouts. However, to be successful in this type of betting, it's essential to combine your strategies with experienced analysis of odds and accurate reading of betting sheets. Additionally, make use of soccer tips from bookmakers to increase your chances of making accurate predictions, possibly up to 90%.
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